Apartment / Rental Move-Out Cleanings

We offer an apartment move-out cleaning service. We can do a bundle package offered to each apartment or rental building. Prices will vary by square footage but services will not. Services can be mixed and match to adjust pricing suitable to your needs. These services include carpet cleaning, tile or vinyl cleaning, deep clean of the entire property, and other services you may need added in. WE WILL NOT REMOVE ANY TRASH OR JUNK FROM THE PROPERTY UNLESS YOU ADD JUNK REMOVAL AS A SERVICE. 

Our prices for move outs start at:




***Add additional $100 per bedroom after this because there are usually extra bathrooms included at this point. All deep cleans come with complete top to bottom wipe downs. We do not include windows unless specified due to most cleaning companies not touching windows, because it usually isn't offered in their insurance liability.

Apartment Building
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